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Yoyogi / Nishi-Shinjuku / Shinjuku / HatsudaiJapanese of this page


A number of different train lines toward more central Tokyo as well as suburban areas originate form Shinjuku Station that offers excellent access to many areas. In Nishi-Shinjuku, many high-rise buildings gather including Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Many of buildings accommodate headquarters of major foreign-affiliated Japanese companies. IT related business offices as well as foreign companies concentrate in Hatsudai.

  • Pa049076

    Shinjuku Shin-Toshin

  • Pa049019

    Tokyo Metropolitan Government

  • Tokyo Opera City Tower

    Tokyo Opera City

Major Business Complexes

  • Shinjuku Shin-Toshin
  • Shinjuku MAYNDS Tower
  • Odakyu Southern Tower
  • Shinjuku Park Tower
  • Tokyo Opera City Tower



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