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Shinagawa / Osaki / Gotanda / MeguroJapanese of this page


Shinagawa Station functions as a gate to Yokohama and Western Japan. It offers excellent access to many areas. Inter City, Tennnozu, etc. grew to the east of the station as a part of the new development. 

Around Osaki Station, new commercial developments such as Gate City, Think Park, etc. accommodate large companies. Many medium-size buildings can be found in Meguro and Gotanda areas that are busy both day and night.


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  • Pt Shinagawa01

    Sinagawa Grand Commons

  • Pt Shinagawa02

    Shinagawa Inter City

  • Blog GO1 1

    Osaki Gate Tower

Major Business Complexes

  • Shingawa Inter City.
  • Gate City Osaki.
  • Gotenyama Tower.
  • Shinagawa Grand Central Tower.
  • Tennozu Isle.
  • ThinkPark Tower.



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