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Marunouchi / Otemachi / Hibiya / Ginza AreaJapanese of this page


Tokyo Station offers the best access to both Western and North-eastern Japan. Major areas in central Tokyo are also easily accessible form here. Around Tokyo Station, Marunouchi and Otemachi areas are considered as premium location for offices. Head offices of banks, airline companies, securities firms, network companies, etc. are located here. Many of them are foreign financed companies. The area from Yurakucho to Ginza are known as a shopping area where luxurious stores as well as well-established department stores gather.

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    Tokyo Station

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    Buildings in Marunouchi

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    Ginza 4-chome Crossing

Major Business Complexes

  • Marunouchi Building.
  • Shin Marunouchi Building.
  • Pacific Century Place.
  • Marunouchi Oazo.
  • Palace Building.
  • Marunouchi Eiraku Building.
  • Marunouchi Brick Square.
  • Sankei Building.
  • JP Tower.
  • Tokyo Square Garden.
  • Otemachi First Ssquare.
  • Otemachi Nomura Building.
  • Hibiya Kokusai building.
  • Yurakucho Itocia.
  • Marunouchi Trust Tower
  • Tokyo Kokusai Forum



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