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The now and then of the Yoyogi Park, Tokyo Japanese of this page

Post: Friday November 7, 2014

Yoyogi Park has a very large green tract of land while there is it in the central Tokyo and it provides Tokyo residents with a place of relief as urban oasis.

Yoyogi Park Tokyo

Yoyogi Park is the 4th largest park within the 23 wards of Tokyo; roughly equivalent to the space of 11 Tokyo Domes. This vast city park is where you can see the largest piece of unobstructed sky in central Tokyo. Together with the Meiji Jingu Shrine adjacent, the Yoyogi Park area forms a vast forested block.

The Route 413 street crossing through the middle divides the park into Block A represented by the Central Square and fountain and Block B represented by sports facilities and an event area.


Inogashira street between yoyogi park street street
Street between Block A and Block B


Entrance of Meiji Jingu Shrine Entrance of Meiji Jingu Shrine
Entrance of Meiji Jingu Shurine




The A Block is predominantly grass and trees, and there is a pond and fountain with a pathway running along it with interspersed benches. There is a bird sanctuary where the favorite trees of birds are planted and a dog run where your dog can be released to spend time with other dogs freely. This block is developed as a forest park area; there are cycling routes, an open meadow area and a sakura tree area for hanami during blossoming season.


Yoyogi Park Yoyogi Park
DSC07143_thumb[2] DSC07020_thumb[2] DSC07041_thumb[2]




B Block includes stadiums for track and field and soccer, an outdoor concert stage, and an event square. This block is a very active area during weekends in the warm season; there are various events held by different embassies within Tokyo showcasing their country specialties, and many other events. A Street lined with Zelkova trees next to the event square that leads into the Shibuya area is a popular walking route.


National Stadium in Yooygi  DSC07187_thumb[4] DSC07249_thumb[3]

 National Stadium



The park is a 3 min walk from JR Harajuku station and metro Meiji Jingumae station of Chiyoda line and Fukutoshin line; a 6 min walk from Yoyogi Hachiman station of Odakyu line and from Yoyogi Koen station of Chiyoda line.

Located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Harajuku where youth culture and fashion intermingle, just one step into the park makes you forget you are in central Tokyo by feeling the nature, seeing the green, and hearing the quiet open space.


Yoyogikoen Station DSC06931_thumb[4] DSC07281_thumb[4]

 Yoyogi-koen Sta. on Chiyoda Line 



History of Yoyogi Park

The current location of Yoyogi Park used to be a military training ground of the Imperial Japanese Army from 1909 through to the end of World War II in 1945.

The first flight of an air plane was successfully attempted here in 1910, and there is a monument and two bronze statues of the pilots who made the flight possible.


DSC06973_thumb[3] DSC06969_thumb[3] DSC06961_thumb[3]



After the end of WWII the location was used for residences of the US Allied Occupation forces and was called the “Washington Heights”.

During the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964 some of the residences were used as the athlete's village (one of the Dutch athletes' residences is still presently preserved for its commemoration).

After that the residences were torn down and then the land redeveloped, and Yoyogi Park opened as the first forested park in Tokyo. 1/3 of the land space was covered with woods in October 1967 (the park fully opened in April 1971).


Washington Heights in Yoyogi Park Washington Heights in Yoyogi Park Washington Heights in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

 Washington Heights in Yoyogi Park




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