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Useful Japanese at Supermarket

Post: Tuesday November 30, 2010

When you go shopping to the local supermarket, it may be difficult for you to find things all written in Japanese.
Here is the list of some major food and drink you may purchase at supermarket quite often.




Tuna fish Maguro
Sardines Iwashi
Salmon Shake
Cuttlefish Ika
Prowns (imported) Ebi
Beef (loin) Gyu-niku, Sa-roin
Beef (shoulder) Gyu-niku, Kataniku
Beef (imported) Yunyu-Gyu-niku
Pork (loin) Butaniku, Sa-roin
Pork (shoulder) Buta Kataniku
Chicken Tori-niku
Cabbage Kyabetsu
Spinach Horenso
Welsh Onions Negi
Broccoli Burokkori
Asparagus Asuparagasu
White potatoes Jagaimo
Carrots Ninjin
Onions Tamanegi
Pumpkins Kabocha
Cucumbers Kyuri
Eggplants Nasu
Tomatoes Tomato
Green peppers Pi-man
Apples (Jona-gold) Ringo
Lemons Remon
Grapefruits Gure-pu Fru-tsu
Oranges Orenji
Bananas Banana
Rice Kome
White bread Shokupan
Spaghetti Supagetti-
Wheat flour Komugiko
Canned tuna fish Tsuna Kanzume
Ham Hamu
Sausages So-se-ji
Bacon Be-kon
Fresh Milk Gyu-nyu
Powdered milk Kona-miruku
Butter Batah
Cheese Chi-zu
Yogurt Yo-guruto
Hen eggs Tamago
Bean curd (Tofu) Tofu
Fermented soybeans Natto
Edible oil Sarada-oiru
Salt Shio
Soy sauce Sho-yu
Sugar Satou
Vinegar Su
Worcester sauce So-su
Mayonnaise Mayone-zu
Jam Jamu
Biscuits Bisuketto
Chocolate Chokore-to
Ice cream Aisukuri-mu
Potato chips Potetochippusu
Black tea ko-cha
Instant coffee Insutanto Ko-hi-
Coffee beans Ko-hi- mame
Vegetable juice Yasai jusu
Mineral water Mineraru Uwo-ta-
Beer Bi-ru
Whisky Uisuki-
Uisuki- Wain


Where is ~~~?    :  ~~~ wa doko desuka?
I’m looking for ~~~~.  :   ~~~~ wo sagashite imasu.
How much is ~~~~? :   ~~~~ wa ikura desuka?

Why don’t you try to ask one of the shop assistants in Japanese today

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