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The conditions of the properties in Tokyo after the earthquake

Post: Tuesday March 22, 2011   Author : plazahomes

The conditions of the properties in Tokyo after the earthquake on March 11th, 2011


The northern Japan earthquake happened on March 11, 2011 was measured JMA seismic scale upper 5 in Tokyo area.
Although windows of some building were broken in Tokyo, none of the buildings in Tokyo collapsed.


The buildings in Japan must satisfy very strict architectural requirements set by Building Standard Acts. The structures built based on the new earthquake resistance standard after 1981 are guaranteed to tolerate any impact of JMA seismic scale 6-7 intensity. Whenever a large earthquake hits Japan, this standard has been reviewed and revised after the thorough investigations.


Our staff has investigated the conditions of some properties between March 15th and 17th. Here are the findings:



Park Court Toranomon Atago Tower 26F

Address :  Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Completion :  June, 2008
Structure :  RC Structure 30 storied

properties in Tokyo after earthquake properties in Tokyo after earthquake

The investigation after the earthquake found no damage such as clack on marble kitchen counter, bathtub or floor, or in any other parts of the property. No damage was found in the other areas of the property either.


properties in Tokyo after earthquake  properties in Tokyo after earthquake  properties in Tokyo after earthquake


With regard to the elevators which was raised as a concern of high-rise building from this earthquake, the elevators of Park Court Toranomon Atago Tower has an auto control system in case of earthquakes. When the auto control system activates, the elevator will head to the nearest floor, open the door and stop there automatically. The system activated at this time. Thanks to this system, no one was trapped in the elevator. In addition, the elevator recovered and started its operation 2 hours after the earthquake.




Odakyu Meguro Mita Mansion 1F

Address :  Mita, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Completion :  February, 1979
Structure :   RC Structure  4 stories 2 basement

properties in Tokyo after earthquake  No. 019

The property was investigated on March 15th.
All doors including the entrance and indoor doors opened and closed smoothly. The doors of kitchen cabinets as well as storages including a walk-in closet are also attached property and there was no sign of looseness.


properties in Tokyo after earthquake No. 025 No. 030 No. 034


Though this building is 31 years old, the entire building didn\’t appear to have any damage even after this earthquake. This property was designed by an architectural office after the famous architect, “Junzo Itakura”. This neighborhood is known as a historical area where feudal lords\’ houses gathered during Edo era. The stability of ground also seems to warrant the safety of the property against earthquakes.



Maison Azabudai

Address : Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Completion :  1972
Structure : RC Structure 4 stories

properties in Tokyo after earthquake DSC01384


This is a medium height condominium apartment with 2 bedrooms for 72.9sqm. near Roppongi 1-chome Station. It was built in 1972. The building structure remained without any reinforcement against earthquake installed since then. No damage was found including windows breakage or clack of the building.



Azabudai Duplex House

Address : Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Completion :
Structure : Wooden Structure 2 stories

5086_1 DSC00848


It is located between Tokyo Tower and Roppongi. Although it stands on the edge of hilltop, there was no damage such as windows breakage or clacks on the building except for some cooking seasoning containers falling in the kitchen.



Sangenjaya House

Address :  Nozawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Completion :  May, 1969
Structure : Wooden Structure 2 stories 



This is a 2-story detached house in Sangenjaya, near Shibuya. It has 90sqm for 3LDK. Although it was built in 1969 without any reinforcement against earthquake since then, no damage was found such as breakage of windows or clack on the building.



Although we received many inquiries from the landlords living overseas or remote cities regarding the conditions of their properties, we hardly found any damages on the properties in central Tokyo area as reported above.


On the other hand, some tenants reported “water heater is not working because the device was dispositioned after the earthquake”, “some scratches are made on the floor from things fell off from a shelf”, etc. with regard to interior or facilities.

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