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Resort Property for Sale: Resort House in Hayama

Post: Monday December 8, 2014


Resort Property for Sale: Resort House in Hayama

Price : JPY450,000,000.-
Gross Land Size :1,105.89 sq.m.  Floor Size :113.04 sq.m.
hayama house


Address: Shimoyamaguchi, Hayama-cho, Miura-gun, Kanagawa



1 hour and 25 min. from Tokyo Station by Train & Bus

-60 min. from Tokyo Station to Zushi Station by JR Yokosuka Line

-15 min. from Zushi Station to Hayama Bus stop by Keikyu Bus

-10 min. walk from Hayama Bus stop to the property

1hour and 15 min. from Tokyo by Car (64km)

- 60 min. on Inner Circular Route, Route No.1 Haneda Line, Kanagawa Route No.1 Yokohane Line, Yokohama Yokosuka Road

- 15 min. on Kanagawa Prefectural Road 311, National Route 134


Area Guide

Hayama in Kanagawa prefecture faces Sagami Bay. Hayama is known as one of the most famous resort areas in Japan. Morito, Isshiki and Chojagasaki beaches attract many people. There are several marine sports developments including Hayama Marina. Many people including celebrities have a cottage along the shore. Hayama Imperial Villa was built on the Isshiki beach in Hayama in 1894 as a cottage for the Imperial family, which made the town famous very quickly. On sunny days, you can see not only Amagi Mountains on Izu Penninsula but also Mt. Fuji in distance.


Neighborhod Tourist Attractions

・Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Modern Art Hayama

・Hayama Marina

・Hayama Shiosai Park

・Fudo-do hall Fudotaki(waterfall)

・Chochagasaki Beach

・Najima Island

・Morito Shrine
Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Modern Art Hayama hayama marina Hayama Shiosai Park

Swimming Beaches

・Morito Beach

・Issiki Beach

・Chojagasaki・Ohama Beach
morito beach issiki beach chojagasaki beach


Neighborhood shops & facilities


①Fish Restaurant “Uosachi” ②Convenient Store “Mini Stop”
③Fish Market ④Drag Store ⑤Super Market
⑥Drag Store ⑦Grocery Store ⑧Clinic
⑨Restaurant ⑩Shirts Shop ⑪Restaurant ⑫Duskin



Property Outline

There is a large property going up the hill from Hayama Imperial Villa towards the mountainous side for about 5 min. The main building is like a log-house standing on a hilltop from where you can overlook Sagami Bay. The building has 4LDK with 3 meter high ceiling. The large open space produces peacefulness. A wooden patio is placed outside the entrance of the main building from where you can also oversee the bay.

There are five buildings in total within the premise, such building include a guesthouse garage, etc. The road in front of the property is 2.1 meter wide thus it is not quite so wide. However as a residence, you can enjoy content life in rich nature here.


hayama layout
DSC00802 DSC00823DSC00846 DSC00849DSC00867 DSC00917DSC00932 DSC00965DSC00971 DSC00992 

Resort House in Hayama

Price : JPY450,000,000.-
Gross Land Size 1,105.89 sq.m. / 11,899.38 sq.ft.

<Main House>

Floor Size 113.04 sq.m. / 1,216.31 sq.ft.
Structure / Scale Wooden steel / RC / 2 floors above
Completion March, 1989
Layout 4BR
Status Owner-occupied 



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