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Ichigaya, Iidabashi, Mejiro Area
Average rental prices of expat standard properties
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The data below has been derived from actual rental prices directly from our original and extensive high-end property listings which are updated daily. (Last updated: August, 2018)


  • The following data below are average market prices (including management fees) of long-term non-furnished rentals.
  • The actual rental price after negotiations may be lower than the asking price.
  • Many houses and apartments larger than 3 bedrooms have one parking space included in the rent.
  • Apartments with front desk service include support services for tenants.
    (example: delivery deposits, calling taxis, etc.)
  • The applicable address and outline of each area is indicated on the following area name to details.
  • Any data of rent/price per tsubo calculated from less than 10 examples will be written in blue.

Ichigaya, Iidabashi, Mejiro Area : Average rental rate of transition classified by property type.


  No. of Bedrooms
Studio, 1BR 2BR 3BR Over 4BR
Size (Average) 36.54-82.66 sq.m (51.50 sq.m / 15.58 tsubo) 48.75-175.10 sq.m (79.83 sq.m / 24.15 tsubo) 70.10-213.17 sq.m (110.01 sq.m / 33.28 tsubo) 128.53-251.98 sq.m (211.34 sq.m / 63.93 tsubo)
Average Price JPY250,838/month JPY16,102sq.m JPY360,956/month JPY14,948sq.m JPY494,843/month JPY14,869sq.m JPY850,000/month JPY13,296sq.m
Property :
Less than 10 years
JPY253,000/month JPY17,927sq.m JPY345,991/month JPY17,121sq.m JPY443,111/month JPY16,896sq.m -
Property :
Over 10 years
JPY248,564/month JPY14,577sq.m JPY379,241/month JPY13,286sq.m JPY533,007/month JPY13,851sq.m JPY850,000/month JPY13,296sq.m

Apartments with concierge service

  No. of Bedrooms
Studio, 1BR 2BR 3BR Over 4BR
Size (Average) 43.03-125.68 sq.m (66.33 sq.m / 20.06 tsubo) 55.62-140.16 sq.m (91.88 sq.m / 27.79 tsubo) 74.55-195.47 sq.m (138.21 sq.m / 41.81 tsubo) 181.60-264.56 sq.m (228.94 sq.m / 69.25 tsubo)
Average Price JPY385,265/month JPY19,202sq.m JPY517,103/month JPY18,604sq.m JPY921,661/month JPY22,044sq.m JPY1,318,222/month JPY19,035sq.m
Property :
Less than 10 years
JPY417,206/month JPY21,329sq.m JPY689,667/month JPY21,174sq.m JPY795,739/month JPY21,705sq.m JPY1,400,000/month JPY17,570sq.m
Property :
Over 10 years
JPY353,324/month JPY17,179sq.m JPY403,463/month JPY16,368sq.m JPY1,009,424/month JPY22,235sq.m JPY1,308,000/month JPY19,249sq.m


  No. of Bedrooms
Studio, 1BR 2BR 3BR Over 4BR
Size (Average) - 95.93-176.04 sq.m (123.86 sq.m / 37.47 tsubo) 148.42-204.60 sq.m (173.77 sq.m / 52.57 tsubo) 221.50-393.69 sq.m (271.84 sq.m / 82.23 tsubo)
Average Price - JPY526,667/month JPY14,057sq.m JPY604,857/month JPY11,507sq.m JPY942,857/month JPY11,466sq.m
Property :
Less than 10 years
- JPY530,000/month JPY18,263sq.m JPY498,000/month JPY11,091sq.m -
Property :
Over 10 years
- JPY525,000/month JPY12,593sq.m JPY685,000/month JPY11,747sq.m JPY942,857/month JPY11,466sq.m

Ichigaya, Iidabashi, Mejiro

Ichigaya, Iidabashi, Shinjuku, Ichibancho, Sanbancho, Mejiro, etc.

Ichigaya, Iidabashi, Mejiro
Area Guide

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The Parkhouse Gran Chidorigafuchi

Rental House - Mejiro

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Plan: 5 BR + 2.5 Bath
Rent: JPY850,000

Tokugawa Village

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