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Hiroo Area
Average rental prices of expat standard properties
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The data below has been derived from actual rental prices directly from our original and extensive high-end property listings which are updated daily. (Last updated: July, 2018)


  • The following data below are average market prices (including management fees) of long-term non-furnished rentals.
  • The actual rental price after negotiations may be lower than the asking price.
  • Many houses and apartments larger than 3 bedrooms have one parking space included in the rent.
  • Apartments with front desk service include support services for tenants.
    (example: delivery deposits, calling taxis, etc.)
  • The applicable address and outline of each area is indicated on the following area name to details.
  • Any data of rent/price per tsubo calculated from less than 10 examples will be written in blue.

Hiroo Area : Average rental rate of transition classified by property type.


  No. of Bedrooms
Studio, 1BR 2BR 3BR Over 4BR
Size (Average) 28.13-204.30 sq.m (53.30 sq.m / 16.12 tsubo) 42.38-178.96 sq.m (91.63 sq.m / 27.72 tsubo) 59.21-234.44 sq.m (129.68 sq.m / 39.23 tsubo) 116.78-383.97 sq.m (247.64 sq.m / 74.91 tsubo)
Average Price JPY269,544/month JPY16,718sq.m JPY460,699/month JPY16,620sq.m JPY702,106/month JPY17,897sq.m JPY1,645,321/month JPY21,963sq.m
Property :
Less than 10 years
JPY256,393/month JPY18,859sq.m JPY518,286/month JPY20,781sq.m JPY652,931/month JPY20,170sq.m JPY1,916,098/month JPY28,972sq.m
Property :
Over 10 years
JPY278,260/month JPY15,634sq.m JPY443,619/month JPY15,542sq.m JPY719,083/month JPY17,287sq.m JPY1,482,059/month JPY18,479sq.m

Apartments with concierge service

  No. of Bedrooms
Studio, 1BR 2BR 3BR Over 4BR
Size (Average) 34.04-106.48 sq.m (69.68 sq.m / 21.08 tsubo) 64.47-167.25 sq.m (109.37 sq.m / 33.08 tsubo) 75.42-300.92 sq.m (158.43 sq.m / 47.93 tsubo) 166.06-376.56 sq.m (249.13 sq.m / 75.36 tsubo)
Average Price JPY439,624/month JPY20,857sq.m JPY856,668/month JPY25,894sq.m JPY1,156,404/month JPY24,129sq.m JPY1,574,615/month JPY20,894sq.m
Property :
Less than 10 years
JPY621,167/month JPY24,358sq.m JPY870,757/month JPY26,411sq.m JPY1,225,551/month JPY29,553sq.m JPY1,844,444/month JPY28,008sq.m
Property :
Over 10 years
JPY367,007/month JPY19,008sq.m JPY734,800/month JPY21,565sq.m JPY1,081,111/month JPY19,673sq.m JPY1,518,140/month JPY19,626sq.m


  No. of Bedrooms
Studio, 1BR 2BR 3BR Over 4BR
Size (Average) 64-81.84 sq.m (72.92 sq.m / 22.06 tsubo) 66.65-402.84 sq.m (165.68 sq.m / 50.12 tsubo) 137.25-220 sq.m (161.83 sq.m / 48.95 tsubo) 133.45-317.62 sq.m (224.73 sq.m / 67.98 tsubo)
Average Price JPY280,000/month JPY12,693sq.m JPY711,250/month JPY14,192sq.m JPY702,353/month JPY14,347sq.m JPY1,361,176/month JPY20,022sq.m
Property :
Less than 10 years
- JPY260,000/month JPY12,897sq.m JPY1,100,000/month JPY20,885sq.m -
Property :
Over 10 years
JPY280,000/month JPY12,693sq.m JPY982,000/month JPY14,422sq.m JPY617,143/month JPY12,815sq.m JPY1,361,176/month JPY20,022sq.m

Hiroo Area

Many embassies intensively locate in the Area. With international schools and other foreigner-oriented services, the area is always favored among foreigners.

Hiroo Area Guide

Rental Apartment Houses Hiroo Edited 1

Rental Apartment - Hiroo

The property is built on the site that was a former guesthouse for a major corporate....
Plan: 1 BR + 1 Study + 1 Bath
Rent: JPY580,800

The House Minami-Azabu

Rental Apartment - Hiroo, Minamiazabu

Located in the refined & greenery space adjacent to Arisugawa Park. 24 hour manned rece...
Plan: 4 BR + 2.5 Bath
Rent: JPY1,800,000


Rental Apartment - Hiroo

Large residential complex for family tenants. Nearby 'National Azabu' supermarket and A...
Plan: 2 BR + 1 Storage + 1 Bath - 4 BR + 2.5 Bath
Rent: JPY818,000 - JPY1,800,000

Hiroo Towers

Tokyo Living Info. for Expats

Information covering expat friendly bilingual facilities, international schools and useful living information, etc.

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