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Ebisu Area
Average rental prices of expat standard properties
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The data below has been derived from actual rental prices directly from our original and extensive high-end property listings which are updated daily. (Last updated: October, 2016)


  • The following data below are average market prices (including management fees) of long-term non-furnished rentals.
  • The actual rental price after negotiations may be lower than the asking price.
  • Many houses and apartments larger than 3 bedrooms have one parking space included in the rent.
  • Apartments with front desk service include support services for tenants.
    (example: delivery deposits, calling taxis, etc.)
  • The applicable address and outline of each area is indicated on the following area name to details.
  • Any data of rent/price per tsubo calculated from less than 10 examples will be written in blue.

Ebisu Area : Average rental rate of transition classified by property type.


  No. of Bedrooms
Studio, 1BR 2BR 3BR Over 4BR
Size (Average) 24.37-124.60 sq.m (47.32 sq.m / 14.32 tsubo) 39.81-142 sq.m (74.31 sq.m / 22.48 tsubo) 59.40-190.40 sq.m (93.94 sq.m / 28.42 tsubo) 214.34 sq.m (214.34 sq.m / 64.84 tsubo)
Average Price JPY232,195/month JPY16,215sq.m JPY352,953/month JPY15,701sq.m JPY391,621/month JPY13,781sq.m JPY930,000/month JPY14,343sq.m
Property :
Less than 10 years
JPY232,145/month JPY17,736sq.m JPY411,114/month JPY17,905sq.m JPY446,667/month JPY14,350sq.m -
Property :
Over 10 years
JPY232,251/month JPY14,803sq.m JPY319,025/month JPY14,372sq.m JPY382,930/month JPY13,681sq.m JPY930,000/month JPY14,343sq.m

Apartments with concierge service

  No. of Bedrooms
Studio, 1BR 2BR 3BR Over 4BR
Size (Average) 32.44-91.87 sq.m (61.83 sq.m / 18.70 tsubo) 69.26-160.80 sq.m (82.88 sq.m / 25.07 tsubo) 69.36-156.50 sq.m (109.85 sq.m / 33.23 tsubo) 221.30-440 sq.m (330.65 sq.m / 100.02 tsubo)
Average Price JPY319,793/month JPY17,098sq.m JPY456,270/month JPY18,201sq.m JPY621,250/month JPY18,697sq.m JPY1,465,000/month JPY14,647sq.m
Property :
Less than 10 years
JPY292,339/month JPY16,790sq.m JPY445,000/month JPY20,202sq.m JPY593,000/month JPY22,520sq.m -
Property :
Over 10 years
JPY335,219/month JPY17,253sq.m JPY463,205/month JPY17,194sq.m JPY668,333/month JPY14,945sq.m JPY1,465,000/month JPY14,647sq.m


  No. of Bedrooms
Studio, 1BR 2BR 3BR Over 4BR
Size (Average) - 76.18-132.33 sq.m (107.37 sq.m / 32.48 tsubo) 70-112 sq.m (86.96 sq.m / 26.31 tsubo) 118.40-286.55 sq.m (236.88 sq.m / 71.66 tsubo)
Average Price - JPY334,167/month JPY10,288sq.m JPY260,417/month JPY9,900sq.m JPY904,000/month JPY12,615sq.m
Property :
Less than 10 years
- JPY390,000/month JPY11,089sq.m - JPY450,000/month JPY12,563sq.m
Property :
Over 10 years
- JPY315,556/month JPY9,991sq.m JPY260,417/month JPY9,900sq.m JPY954,444/month JPY12,618sq.m


JR Ebisu Station and Ebisu Garden Place collectively dominate the area. Residential and commercial areas nicely merge. Walkable to Daikanyama Area.

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