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Wow! Japanese properties Part 1, Pleasant toilet

Post: Monday June 24, 2013   Author : plazahomes

All foreigners who are new to Japan are surprised to see the latest toilet models with their revolutionizing technologies. Actual use confirms the superior comfort they provide, and eventually, life becomes difficult to imagine without their existence.


P Tarowithtoilet Fotolia_39418406_XS 画像 091


Automatic Toilet seat and lid lifter
The sensor perceives when someone is approaching the toilet, and then it opens the lid automatically. It is highly hygienic, since one does not need to touch the toilet.

point_d  TOTO


Heated toilet seat
The toilet seat remains warm on the cold days in winter. The first touch gives instant comfort, warm, pleasant, and soothing.

ウォームレット  TOTO Walmlet


A warm shower cleans your bottom. Clean, warm water comes out any time. Further you can adjust the position, range and intensity control of the shower. Depending on the model, some washlets have a warm blow-drying feature for after the shower. Although some may feel intimidated or uncomfortable to use at first, it can be addictive. Quite a few foreigners purchase these and bring them home when they leave Japan.


washlet  washlet 2   washlet 3



Tank-less or Eco toilet
There is no tank to stock water, instead it uses water directly from a water pipe to flush the toilet. It can clean a toilet bowl sufficiently with smaller quantity of water based on the precisely estimated water flow.

tank-less toilet


Automatic deodorizing and automatic fragrance feature
It deodorizes and releases fragrance automatically once one stands up from the toilet seat.



The Washlet toilet is one of the pinnacles of the “Cool Japan products” and was developed by TOTO in 1980.  These toilets are installed as a standard feature at department stores, hotels, public toilets on expressways, at train stations, etc.

Hollywood celebrities including Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc. were amazed at these toilets, and it is rumored that they have installed them in their own homes.


The unique standard of Japanese hospitality and care in detail probably helped to develop these toilets up to this standard of quality and comfort.


Many of our Expat Standard rental and sales properties are equipped with the latest high-tech toilets. Please enjoy your comfortable toilet time during your stay in Japan.


Amazing toilets at luxurious properties




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