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Meguro Station Front Redevelopment Starts Japanese of this page

Post: Wednesday September 3, 2014

The redevelopment project of a 23,000 square meter land in front of Meguro station that used to be the branch office location of Tokyo Metropolitan Bus has been started by a group of 4 companies - Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd, Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Co, Taisei Corporation, and Takenaka Corporation.


目黒駅前 再開発 目黒駅前 再開発 地図のコピー
From Bureau of Environment - Tokyo Metropolitan Government



The total project cost is 80 billion Yen and the project concept is “Town living along with Trees.” The concept will be realized by creating a “Real Forest” which will be an authentic re-creation of woods within the premise. This will give Meguro station more character and also revitalize the surrounding area providing local residents with affluent and comfortable space. The project also includes the plan for improving the station square and inviting restaurants and cafés on the lower floors along the road facing the new forest.



目黒駅前再開発 緑化イメージ eのコピー

From Bureau of Environment - Tokyo Metropolitan Government



According to the project plan, which is named the “Meguro Station Front Redevelopment”, in the north zone a twin tower high rise, one 40 story residence tower with 528 units and the other, a 27 story office building will be constructed. Commercial facilities and a licensed childcare center will be on the lower floors of the towers. In the south zone a 38 story residence building with 417 units will be planed for construction. The project has started from August 2014 and will be completed in December in 2017.


The area around Meguro Station has been historically a high class residential area famous for the “Chojyamaru” area in the north and “Hanabusayama” area in the south. As the train station closest to these high class areas, the Meguro Station area has remained an elegant town that was not urbanized. This trend changed around the year 2000 when the metro Nanboku line and Mita line were extended and connected to the Meguro Station allowing easier access from other areas in central Tokyo. As Meguro Station increased its function as a bigger hub station with a total of 4 lines, eventually office buildings were built in front of the station and the station building went through a renovation and was reborn as the “Atre Meguro”.



目黒 空撮


The 2 residence buildings with a total of 661 units (excluding the units for property right holders) will start to be sold from the spring in 2015. This project is of unprecedented scale for a residential building right next to a JR Yamanote line station. This residential property will draw a lot of attention due to the location and the commercial facilities which will be opened there also.


Different from other business areas, the area around Meguro Station is quiet with a lot of greenery and relatively few office buildings. The Institute of Nature Study in Shirokane is also close by with a large forest. Being a 1 minute walk from the Meguro station, the new office building will draw considerable attention as is, but the nice environment with greenery should attract even more interested clients.


Within the area, there will be a 5300 square meter space full of greenery for people to use to relax and enjoy. This area will also be a meeting point for temporally evacuation in case of disaster for office workers and residents of the property buildings.


The Meguro Station Front Redevelopment will change the image of the Meguro Station area. In 3 years the new “Meguro Town with forest” will be borne and is sure to attract more popularity.



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