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Medical Care in Japan for English Speakers

Post: Sunday March 10, 2013   Author : plazahomes

Getting Medical Care in Japan 

Japan has medical care comparable to that found in any Western country, with a broad range of clinics and hospitals that offer all types of medical care, from checkups and routine vaccinations to complex surgeries and emergency care.



Emergency Medical Information

If you have an emergency, dial 119. English-speaking operators are on duty 24 hours a day.


Also, make sure you are able to say your address and your phone number in Japanese, and be able to describe local landmarks in case the ambulance driver needs guidance on your location, since finding an address in Tokyo can be tricky, even for Japanese.


If an emergency happens and you find yourself in need of translation, call the Emergency Translation Service at Tel: 03-5285-8185   (5pm - 8pm weekdays, 9am - 8pm weekends and holidays).  They provide translation over the phone in English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Spanish for foreign patients who need assistance.



Non-emergency medical guidelines

● Confirm that the doctor or medical practitioner you are planning to see speaks English.

● Take your health insurance card or policy with you (regardless of whether you are enrolled in one and the national
   insurance schemes or private insurance).

● Get a medical insurance claim form and receipt whenever and wherever you receive care, especially if your
   insurance requires you to pay up front and then receive reimbursement later.

● Unless it is an emergency, call ahead to the medical facility to confirm that the practitioner you need to see is



AMDA The AMDA International Medical Information Center provides general information and guidance to foreigners residing in Japan, including guidance on filling out various medical forms is Japan's only 24-hour non-profit nationwide emergency assistance service for the international community. Helpline provides assistance for any situation, from an emergency to simple enquiry on medical needs. Around-the-clock telephone advice is also available at 0570-000-911.



Routine Medical Care

While you can go to a hospital, you can get routine medical care, including check-ups, common vaccinations like the flu shot, and other routine procedures at medical clinics that can be found in almost every neighborhood in Tokyo.


You can get prescriptions filled at a pharmacy, just like in most Western countries.  Like clinics, they are quite common in Tokyo.  Find the addresses for a few with English speaking staff in the next section.



Finding an English-speaking Medical Practitioner

If you need to locate English-speaking medical practitioners, start by looking at the list of English-speaking medical facilities compiled by PLAZA HOMES.


English Speaking Doctors Hospitals in Tokyo


If you can’t find the appropriate care there, you can try the Himawari search engine provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Facility Information service, which allows you to search by location or train station to identify medical facilities convenient to your needs.




English-speaking Pharmacies

American Pharmacy – Tel: 03-5220-7716

  • Address: Maru Bldg. B1F, 2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6390


  • Hibiya Pharmacy – Tel: 03-3501-6377
    Address: Mitsui Bldg., 1-1-2 Yuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006


> List of English-speaking Pharmacies in Tokyo




Additional Help

If you need additional support, including counseling or other mental health services not provided through normal medical facilities, below are some links that may help.


Japan Helpline The Japan Helpline is a 24-hour national, emergency assistance hotline able to provide all kinds of emergency assistance, whether medical or not.  Call 0570 000 911 for assistance.
Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) The Tokyo English Life Line provides free, anonymous support and counseling if you need any sort of assistance.  Call 03-5774-0992 between 9 am – 11 pm daily if you need assistance.
International Mental Health Professionals Japan International Mental Health Professionals Japan is an association that provides assistance to the international community in Japan.  They can help you get access to a wide range of mental health services.







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