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Brand-new Condominium – KACHIDOKI THE TOWER

Post: Tuesday June 10, 2014


The Kachidoki 5-chome Redevelopment project has commenced to integrate traditions in Chuo-ku, dynamics in Minato-u, waterfront, greenery and a richness in life.

In 2016, the “Circular Route 2” which will function as a large artery to connect central Tokyo and Tokyo’s waterfront, will complete. The “Sumidagawa River Bridge on Circular Route 2”, a new bridge connecting Kachidoki, Chuo-ku and Minato-ku will be born from this.

The 53-story ultra high-rise tower residence housing 1420 units, which is one of the largest-scale properties in Japan, will appear at the connecting point.


kachidoki the tower


Address 5, Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station Toei-Oedo Line, Kachidoki Station : 6 min.-walk
Completion December, 2016
Gross Units 1420 Unit
Structure RC
Scale 53 floors above, 2 floors below
Use Zoning 1st-class Residential Area
Facilities Elevator, Auto-lock Entrance, 24H Custodian Service, Guest room, Lounge, Damping Structure, Concierge service


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Layout & Price

1 BR 42.04 - 58.98sq.m JPY34,500,000 - 44,700,000
2 BR 58.28 - 69.58sq.m JPY46,600,000 - 63,500,000
3BR 81.20 - 120.55sq.m JPY63,900,000 - 222,000,000
4BR 84.60 - 89.30sq.m JPY76,700,000 - 102,300,000


<Point 1>

Hamarikyu Gardens and Shiodome are within walking distance from Kachidoki 5-chome.

The time to access to Toranomon and Kasumigaseki will reduce greatly. Kachidoki and Minato-ku becomes very close.

Sumida river bridge


<Point 2>

Hamarikyu Gardens”, which is selected as one of the “new Best 100 sceneries in Tokyo” by Tokyo Metropolitan Government lies in front of this 53-story ultra high-rise tower building across the Sumida River. Walking around Sumida River, peaceful sceneries appear which are contrasting central Tokyo with the water & bridge beautifully.

Hamarikyu hamarikyu2

Hamarikyu Gardens is 1190 meters away from the property after Circular Route 2 opens. Presently, it is 2,270 meters away.


Kachidoki Bridge is 750 meters away from the property.

fire works

Tokyo Bay Firework Festival Only 50 meters away.


<Point 3>

Ginza, Nihonbashi and Tsukiji….. Chuo-ku continues to be one of the important areas in Japan. It is only 1.7 km away (directly) from Ginza where the world’s top class brand shops stand. Tokyo Sta. Yaesu Exit and Nihonbashi are within 3 km in direct distance.


Design & Facilities in public spaces


kachidoki the tower2

“VD Core Frame Construction” produced handsome and sharp appearance. The color stands out around the waterfront.

It utilizes the “VD core frame construction” that connects three ultra high-rise buildings by placing a seismic isolation device in between. It accomplishes reliable earthquake resistance strength by absorbing seismic movements with the three buildings all together. The property forms an extended town setting by harmonizing with the surrounding ultra high-rise buildings and appearing in white, which contrasts beautifully against the scenery around the waterfront and in a sharp form.

Extensive and high-quality public facilities supporting relaxing moments for entire 1,420 units



It is a sky view lounge where fantastic views of the Tokyo bayshore area appears.

Sky view lounge skyviewlounge



A party lounge which you can use as an atelier or salon space.

party lounge



Six guest rooms which you can use to celebrate special occasions with your family or to invite guests.

guest room guestroom4


It is an area to enjoy personal time such as sports, music and art gallery.

・fitness gym ・multi purpose room ・kids room ・terrace ・Gallery corridor ・Golfing simulator

fitness kids room


It is a relaxing area to spend time peacefully, such as a café and library surrounded with plants.
・Café lounge ・Library lounge

forest cafe library

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