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Free English Websites for Japanese Food Recipes

Post: Tuesday December 2, 2014

One of the challenges with cooking Japanese food is finding good recipes. It can be hard to get your hands on a cookbook in English featuring authentic Japanese recipes, and since the advent of the Internet, there is just so much information out there that it’s even hard to know where to begin.

There is also the issue of language barrier - almost all Japanese recipe sites are offered exclusively in Japanese, which presents a problem for anyone who has easy access or is mostly limited to Japanese supermarket ingredients and can’t read the language.

Japanese Food Recipes

So, PLAZA HOMES is here to help. Below are our three top picks for Japanese recipe sites that include both recipes and cooking techniques with English translations as well as useful links highlighting popular Japanese recipe categories. You should have no problem finding something delicious to cook tonight!

Mouth Watering Japanese Chicken Recipes with

Japanese cookng 101 is a great site for beginners when it comes to Japanese recipes. Not only do they have lots of easy-to-make recipes, but most recipe pages include a how-to video. Each page is also accompanied by useful pictures and a detailed description of the featured food to give you some context about the history and background of what you will be making.

Chicken teriyaki

Chicken is one of the most popular choices for protein in Japan, so we recommend starting here for your first main dish. The website offers several go-to recipes for standard Japanese fare along with some great videos!

Chicken Teriyaki: While many people may not know teriyaki is Japanese, most know it tastes amazing. This chicken teriyaki recipe is a perfect way to get started cooking Japanese food.
Karaage: Japanese-style fried chicken is a staple in Japanese restaurants, bars, fried food stands, and pretty much anywhere else you find Japanese dubbed "B-Class gourmet" food. Now you can make authentic karaage at home. Did we mention that it’s considered by many as a more healthy option to Western fried chicken?

Japanese Recipes with Washoku.Guide (


Washoku.Guide is an online Japanese recipe community where people share their best recipes; but what is even better than the posted recipes is that within the community, there is a group of Japanese-to-English translators who want to share these recipes with the rest of the world. Along with good translations, helpful step-by-step pictures are provided to help answer questions about Japanese cooking techniques. This is especially helpful because many of the recipes you'll find here can be more complex and the visual aids are quite useful when precise techniques are required.

While they have a good selection of recipes from appetizers to soups and more, we suggest starting off with their dessert recipes.

Hello Kitty Mochi Ice Cream: What’s more Japanese than combining one of Japan’s most beloved anime characters, Hello Kitty, with mocha, a traditional Japanese sticky rice? Not much. This recipe guides you through making mochi ice cream with a cute twist. Just be warned, those whiskers may require a steady hand.
Brown Rice Amazake Strawberry Yogurt: While not a traditional Japanese food, yogurt is quite popular in Japan and this Japanese take uses tofu in place of milk. Delicious and healthy!

Japanese Fish Recipes with

Bento is a general Japanese food site with a large archive of articles and content on Japanese food and food culture. They also have a variety of short, simple, and precise instructions for intermediate cooks who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in the kitchen. Before tackling your first tasty recipe, take a look at some of their interesting reference articles to get a feel for the atmosphere of Japanese cuisine. Note that, in general, the recipes are reprints from various Japanese cookbooks, so be sure to check out the book reference on the right of each recipe page if you would like to purchase more recipes by the same writer.

Salmon sushi cut

Of course, the most popular international Japanese fish dish is sushi, but there are so many more possibilities to this protein in Japanese cooking; and almost all shown on this site are cooked, which is good if you have a strong dislike for raw fish.

Takoyaki: Chopped up octopus cooked into spherical pancake batter balls is something you can find at many street festival food carts across Japan. Now you can make them at home! While not fish in the most traditional sense, it is seafood and is sure to please whomever you feed it to.
Smoked Salmon with Edamame: This dish is a visual delight and has less cooking and more preparation to it. Make sure to have a blender handy when putting the ingredients together.
Flat Fish with Salt: Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get your hands “dirty" with this one as it is a bit more intensive than some of the others on the site. You’ll be cleaning, scaling, garnishing, and grilling before you know it. With that said, the result promises to be quite satisfying.


Japanese Procesipe

JapaneseProrecipe is the Facebook page for the Professional level recipes of Japanese Cuisine managed by The Association for the Advancement of the Japanese Culinary Art and MASTER'S Corporation. It is purposed for the mission of “Introducing Recipes of Japanese Cuisine to Chefs Abroad" as well as the following detailed goals:

・ Promote Japanese cuisine and food culture globally.

・ Boost quality of Japanese restaurants abroad through authentic recipes of Japanese cuisine.

・ Educating chefs overseas on Japanese cuisine and stimulating chef’s ideas, providing an opportunity to expand

the export of Japanese food products.

The recipes of Japanese Cuisine introduced here are mostly for professional use only, but you can enjoy the excellent line-ups for just looking over or challenge some if you are good cook.


The above links are only a select few of the recipes available and it would be well worth any Asian cooking enthusiast’s time to explore each site more thoroughly as they have an endless variety of ideas for Japanese or Japanese-influenced dishes and are appropriate for a variety of skill levels. For your convenience here are links to each recipe site discussed in this article:


· Washoku.Guide


· JapaneseProrecipes

If, on the other hand, you decide tonight is just not a night to dirty the dishes, then check out our article on food catering and delivery in Tokyo for suggestions on places that cater or deliver great Japanese food right to your door.

We hope you find what you’re looking for.

Article Cooking Schools For Japanese Food

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