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The Monthly Japanese Calendar 2018 in English Japanese of this page

Post: Thursday November 16, 2017

For foreigners living in Japan, a calendar showing Japan’s national holidays is indispensable for everyday life. It is however difficult to find one in English. We here at PLAZA HOMES would like to share our original calendar that we make every year with all Japanese holidays in English.

The pictures for each month are represented with landscapes, cityscapes or nightscapes of various tourist attractions throughout Japan. To add a bit of charm and to represent seasonal changes in Japan, some additional illustrations have been added to the pictures.

Along with the pictures for each month below are a description of the location and its name.


Please click the link below the month that you would like to download for your free PDF copy of our calendar.



Lake Kawaguchi, Yamanashi-Pref.

One of the “Fuji Five Lakes,” Lake Kawaguchi is located in the central part of the main island of Japan near Mt. Fuji. It resides within the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Of the five lakes, Lake Kawaguchi has the longest shoreline and the lowest altitude giving it the second largest area among the five lakes.




Zao Hot Springs Ski Resort, Yamagata-Pref.

This is a ski resort that developed within the hot-spring town of Zao Onesen. The ski resort has the largest area of any independent slope in Japan as well as having various types of slopes to choose from. The Juhyogen Course, a slope starting at the top of the mountain, is world-famous for its marvelous soft rime covered natural scenery.




Inokashira Park, Tokyo

A park stretching from the southeast of Musashino City to the northeast of Mitaka City. The total area of the park is 430,000m2. Within the park is the long and narrow shaped Inokashira Pond that stretches from the northwest to the southeast where it flows out into the Kanda River.




Kusasenri, Mt. Aso, Kumamoto-Pref.

Kusasenri is one of the most popular tourist destination for sightseeing in Aso. It is a prairie landscape with a beautiful view of the smoking Mt. Naka. Its idyllic scenery with with grazing cows and horses attracts many tourists as well as locals who stop by to enjoy a walk while passing by the area on the way to somewhere else.




Nomizo falls, Chiba-Pref.

Nomizo falls is located in the “Shimuzu Keiryu Park” which is an unexplored area in the Chiba Prefecture. The picturesque view of daylight coming through a cave entrance and lighting up bare rocks and the river surface is rapidly gaining attention on the internet as well as a large number of media outlets.




Fuchu city local forest museum, Tokyo.

The Fuchu city local forest museum in Tokyo is a forest park style museum with exhibits of nature, topography, old farmhouses, town houses and historical buildings. The entire site is approximately 140,000 square meters. In order to preserve the nature and history of Fuchu, the entire “forest” including outdoors areas is designated as a museum.




Nanki-Shirahama, Wakayama-Pref.

Nanki-Shirahama lies on the southwestern coast of Wakayama Prefecture. It is known for its year round warm climate which benefits from the Kushoshio Current that flows through the area. During the summer you can swim with small tropical fish. The area attracts many tourists as multiple hot springs are located in the area including but not limited to Nanki Shirahama Onsen and Tsubaski onsen.




Ogawa Farm, Chitose city, Hokkaido.

Ogawa Farm is famous for its sunflowers (aprox. 40,000) that are in full bloom in August. A huge sunflower maze is created for visitors to enjoy during the sunflowers’ full bloom. The maze can some times take upwards of 40minutes to navigate.




Yokohama Minatomirai, Kanagawa-Pref.

Facing the Yokohama Port, this area has been chosen as one of the 100 best Cityscapes. In the Minatomirai area is Yokohama Landmark Tower, Nissan Global Headquarters, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse and Yokohama Cosmo World.




Shirokimine Plateau, Nagasaki-Pref.

Shirokimine Plateau is a field on a slope with approximately 100,000 mustard colored flowers in the spring (from the end of March to the beginning of April,) and 200,000 pink, white, rend and purplish red cosmos in autumn (from the end of September to the end of October.)




Lake Aoki, Nagano-Pref.

Lake Aoki is the 3rd largest lake in Nagano Prefecture next to Lake Suwa and Lake Nojiri, and is the 59th large in the whole country. The Northern Alps lies in the west of the lake. As its transparency is high and its water level is maintained although there is no inflow river, it is thought that there are vast springs at the bottom of the lake.




Tsutsugaura Beach, Chiba-Pref.

Tsutsugaura is famous for its two islands (rocks) that consist of a big rock and a small rock siting side by side on the shore located in the east of Showazeki, in Misakichonakahara, Isumi City. It is also locally known as "Suzumejima(=sparrow island)".



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