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Indoor Safety Measures Against Earthquake

Post: Saturday September 1, 2012

JMA seismic scale 5 was recorded in Tokyo area from the earthquake that hit northern Japan on March 11th.
Although many buildings themselves remained without any damages, many households experienced some damages inside their residences such as furniture falling, electronics breakages from falling off, dishes and glasses falling off from the cupboards, etc.
You can easily imagine getting injured from these incidents.  It is also assumable that the emergency evacuation route is to be blocked if a larger piece of furniture fell.
Therefore it is strongly recommended to prepare for earthquakes by fixing furniture and placing them carefully.


Here are some tips and examples:

A unit on 32nd floor of a high-rise apartment in Odaiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Safety measures against earthquakes applied by one of our employees to her own apartment.


Although I heard my neighbors saying “a refrigerator fell”, “a cupboard fell”, etc., there was hardly any damage within my apartment since I already have a variety of measures against earthquakes in place.   These are some of examples that I did to prevent any damage from earthquakes.


A refrigerator and a cupboard: Place 2 tension poles between the ceiling and the cupboard
photo 001 photo 013  tupparibou


A cupboard: Fix the doors with a stopper (clasp) to prevent the doors from opening and causing dishes to fall off.   Glasses of shelves: Stick a thin film on the rear side of the glasses to prevent from scattering.


Dressers: Insert an anti-fall device under the dressers to prevent them from falling or sliding.


Flower pots: Place rubber sheets underneath to prevent them from sliding
photo 011


Table and chairs: Stick fabric such as felt pieces at the back of each leg
photo 012


Electronics including TV: Place a gel sheet to prevent from sliding


Although it took some time and money, I felt really grateful to find no breakage and injury after experiencing such a powerful earthquake.


These items are available at:
-.Tokyu Hands furniture shop
-.Home center




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