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Property for sale: New Building for Hotel & Vacation Rentals Japanese of this page

Post: Monday September 4, 2017

The planned completion date is in December of 2017. It is a vacation-rental style Inn located within an 8 min walk from Tsukuba Express Line Asakusa Station.

It is near the Asakusa Senso-ji Temple and shops in Kappabashi that are popular among foreign tourists!

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Within walking distance to Asakusa, a popular tourist area


Asakusa is an outstanding and popular sightseeing area in Tokyo. It is a town where a good and old downtown atmosphere is maintained. Of the many attractive spots to visit, there are Kaminarimon (or Thunder Gate) with a famous huge lantern, Nakamise-dori (the temple precincts old shopping street,) and Hanayashiki (a small old amusement park) with a nostalgic atmosphere. Walking a little way away from Kaminarimon-Gate there is a shopping street, called Kappabashi Dougu-Gai, lined with many specialty stores selling tableware tools, packaging materials, kitchen utensils, and food samples. Food samples are very popular souvenir items among foreign tourist. The area is also dotted with many old gourmet shops maintaining traditional tastes of Edo.


OYADO Matsugaya Property Details

Sales Price: JPY250, 000,000  SOLD

Estimated actual yield (At the time of 75% occupancy): 6.8%

Address: 4-21-6, Matsugaya, Taito-Ku, Tokyo

Station: Tsukuba Express Line, Asakusa Station: 8 min.-walk

Hibuya Line, Iriya Station: 5 min-walk

JR Yamanote Line, Uguisudani Station: 12 min-walk

Property Type: Inn

Structure: 5 story building of Steel-reinforced Concrete

The land area: 92.23㎡

The gross floor area: 297.00㎡

Unit total: 9 units

Facilities: 24 hours front desk services, Elevator, Auto-lock Entrance, Wifi connection, Kitchen unit, Air conditioner, etc.

Completion date: Late December in 2017

edit_ryougoku_017 edit_ryougoku_013 edit_ryougoku_019


asakusa map

Management of Vacation-rental-type stylish hotel

-By posting ads on information sites for both hotels and vacation rentals simultaneously, a customer who needs a room for many people (more than 3) can be easily attracted.

-Hotel with vacation-rental style units (includes a kitchen, furniture, and appliances) can differentiate its service and convenience from competitor hotels.

-Unit room design and equipment can be also used for residence purposes in the event of a change in use in the future.

-Hotel use can expect improved yields and maximize profits more easily than residence use.

-Combined with management by an Experienced Agent Company provides easy hotel management without any extra labor, such as when you’re handling a residence property for investment.

For the details, please feel free to contact below:

Website for the property: /sale/invest/?id=I0038231

Sales staff: Real Estate Sales Dept. (Mr.) Kajikawa at 03-3588-0131



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