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Fireworks (Hanabi) Festival in Tokyo 2016

Post: Tuesday June 7, 2016

Each year, there are many beautiful firework events light up the sky during the summer in Japan.
Japan is known to have the most beautiful fireworks in the world. Fireworks in Japan have been used in the Olympic in the past.

These are the major firework events in 2016 that are scheduled for the Tokyo area.

Fireworks in Tokyo 2016

The 38th Sumida Fireworks

Seeing one of Tokyo's largest fireworks shows is like a rite of passage; you can't say you experienced a Tokyo Summer without witnessing this mesmerizing display of explosives while being jostled around by other spectators. Blasts of hot pyrotechnic art will paint the sky in wild colors between 19:05–20:30 on July 30th (Saturday) this year, As several tens of thousands of awe-inspiring fireworks explode above, you'll definitely be glad you have come!

sumidagawa fireworks

To get a good spot along the Sumida River, plan on arriving mid-day. Another popular place to view the fireworks is from the rooftop of a yakatabune (a traditional house-boat), as it lazily floats down the Sumida River. For those not lucky enough to get a seat on one of those, try staking out at Sumida Park. Don't forget to pick up some beer, sake and snacks to tide you over until the show begins.

Date : July 30th, Saturday

Access: (Area 1) 15 min. walk from Asakusa Station, North Exit on Tobu-Isezaki Line
    15 min. walk from Asakusa Station Exit 5 on Ginza Line/Toei Asakusa Line.
  (Area 2) 5 min. walk from Asakusa Station Exit A2 on Toei Asakusa Line
    5 min. walk from Kuramae Station Exit A7 on Toei Oedo Line.


19:05 ~ 20,000 displays

Details >>

Jingu-Gaien Fireworks Festival


Date: August 20th, Saturday

Place: 4 different Parks in Gaien
  Jingu Kyujo Ballpark / Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium / Chichibu-no-miya Rugby Field / Soft-Ball Park
Access: Sendagaya Station or Shinanomachi Station on JR Sobu Line;
  Gaienmae Station, Aoyama 1-chome Station, Omotesando Station on Subways;
  and Kokuritsu Kyogijyo Station on Toei Oedo Line.

19:30~ 12,000 displays * Tickets are required to enter each venue.

Details >> (Japanese)

The 38th Adachi Fireworks


Date : July 23rd, Saturday

Place: Arakawa River Area

Access: 15 min. from Kitasenju Station, JR Line and Tokyo Metro Lines

19:30 ~ 13,500 displays

Details >> (Japanese)

The 50th Kastsushika Nouryo Fireworks

Photograph of head gate and fireworks

Date : July 26rd, Tuesday

Place: Katsushika Shibamata Baseball Field

Access: 10 min. from Shibamata Station, Keisei Line

15 min. from Shinshibamata Station, Hokuso Line

19:20 ~ 15,000 displays

Details >>

The 41st Edogawa Fireworks

edogawaku fireworks

Date: August 6th, Saturday

Place: Edogawa River Area

Access: 15 min. from Shinozaki Station, Toei Shinjuku Line

19:15 ~ 20:30 14,000 displays

Details >> (Japanese)

The 38th Setagaya-ku Tamagawa Fireworks Festival

Tamagawa fireworks

Date: August 20th, Saturday

Place : Futakotamagawa River Area, Playground

Access : Futakotamagawa Station, Tokyu-Denentoshi Line/Tokyu Oimachi Line

19:00 ~ 6,000 displays

Details >> (Japanese)

The 34th Chofu-Shi Fireworks Festival

Chofu fireworks

Date: August 21nd, Sunday

Place : Tamagawa River Area

Access : Chofu Station, Keio-Tamagawa Station, Keio Line

18:30 ~ 8,000 displays

Details >> (Japanese)

Tokyo Bay Fire Festival

The Chuo-Ward has announced the suspension of "Tokyo Bay Fire Festival" this year.

The main hall which could fit 100,000 people is now under maintenance to become the athlete's village of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Paralymipic Tournament. For this reason, the "Tokyo Bay Fire Festival" will not take place this year.

Please note:

*In case of bad weather, fireworks may be cancelled or rescheduled to the next day or another day.
*Details may change without any notice.


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