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Evacuation Sites, Areas and Shelters in Central Tokyo Japanese of this page

Post: Saturday September 1, 2012

Here is a list of evacuation sites in central Tokyo.


Where can you go to evacuate in case of a major earthquake or fire?
It is advisable to discuss among your family members as well as your colleagues about the evacuation sites in order to stay out of any kind of dangers and about the shelters where you can stay if your residence became no longer livable.


Evacuation Site





Locations and types of evacuation sites:


Temporary Gathering Site

It is where you can evacuate to in order to stay out of any dangers caused by a disaster, or where you can stay while waiting for public transportations to recover when they are not operating. Open spaces within parks where no building is around are often assigned as temporary gathering sites.


Wide Area Evacuation Sites

Local public authorities assign wide area evacuation sites that are capable of accommodating a large number of people. They will be used in case of major disasters including earthquakes. Large open spaces such as large parks, public housings and universities are assigned as wide area evacuation sites.


Stayed-in Areas

These are areas where people do not need to evacuate to Wide Area Evacuation Sites in case of earthquake or fire because these areas are designed and structured to have very little risk of fire spread caused by such disasters.


Evacuation Shelters

They are shelters where you can stay for a certain period of time if you were forced to live in an evacuation shelter due to damages caused by a disaster. Local school gyms are often assigned as evacuation shelters. Such shelters have a disaster storehouse keeping necessary food supplies and other necessities to support living for a certain time period.


Secondary Evacuation Shelters

They are temporary living places for the elderly and the disabled citizens who need extra attention and care and who will have difficulties living in an ordinal evacuation shelter




Evacuation Procedure in the event of a intensive earthquake


1.Gather around a Temporary Gathering Site (a meeting place)

Gather around a temporary gathering site to check on everyone’s safety and conditions of a disaster and damages.



2.Wide Area Evacuation Site

Evacuate to a wide area evacuation site in case if there is any risk of fire.



3.Evacuation Shelter

You can return to your home once quakes settled and fire is extinguished.
If your home was collapsed or damaged by an earthquake, or lost by fire and was not safe to live in, evacuate to an evacuation shelter.If your residence is located within a Stayed-in Area, you do not need to evacuate to a wide area evacuation site because those areas have very little risk of fire spread.



Useful Website (Evacuation Map of Tokyo)


Tokyo Bosai Map (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bereau of General Affairs)
  → (English)
Google Map : Evacuation Sites, Areas, etc.



Evacuation Maps by Ward in Central Tokyo



港区防災地図(広域避難場所、避難所、二次避難所) → Link (日本語)
Aid Map for Disaster of Minato City
(Evacuation Sites, Evacuation Centers, Usuful Info.) → PDF (English)



渋谷区防災サバイバルマップ (広域避難場所、避難所等) → PDF (日本語)
Shibuya Disaster Prevention Survival Map
(Evacuation Sites, Evacuation Centers, Usuful Info.) → PDF (English)
Usuful Info. & Emergency Numbers in Shibuya-ku → PDF (English)



千代田区 災害時退避場所、帰宅困難者支援場所案内図 → PDF (日本語)
The entire area of Chiyoda ward is regarded as “Stay-in Area” where is very little risk of fire spread. Hence, there is no Wide Area Evacuation Site in Chiyoda ward.



品川区防災関連資料 広域避難場所、避難所地図 → PDF (日本語)
Open Evacuation Area in Shinagawaku → Link (English)


中央区防災マップ (広域避難場所、防災拠点) → PDF (日本語)
Disaster Preparedness for Chuo-ku Residents, Map of Evacuation Sites, Evacuation Shelters → PDF (English)



新宿区避難場所地図 (広域避難場所、避難所) → PDF (日本語)
Map of Evacuation Areas, Evacuation Shelters in Shinjuku-ku → PDF (English)
For Emergency, Useful Info. for Shinjuku Residents → PDF (English)



世田谷区広域避難場所、避難所域図 → Link (日本語)
Earthquake Survical Manual → PDF (English) Map (English)



目黒区防災マップ (広域避難場所、一次避難所) → PDF (日本語)
Map of Evacuation Area, Evacuation Shelters in Meguro-ku → PDF Inforamation (English) PDF Map (English)


大田区防災地図 (広域避難場所、避難所) → PDF (日本語)



文京区防災地図 (広域避難場所、避難所) → PDF (日本語・英語)
Bunkyo-ku Desaster Prevention Map → PDF (Japanese & English)



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