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English-speaking Movers in Tokyo (Local & International)

Post: Monday March 2, 2015

Are you moving to or out of Tokyo? Are you relocating within or out of Japan?

If so, you may need a moving service to assist in helping you relocate your belongings to your new home.

If the thought of having to work with a moving company that doesn't speak your language sounds nightmarish, we are here to help. Below, you'll find a list of moving companies that provide relocation services in English for those wishing to relocate to or out of Tokyo.

English speaking Movers in Tokyo

Where to find a Tokyo moving company for relocation within the 23 wards

If you're moving locally within Tokyo, one of the below companies will be able to provide with all the assistance you'll need to safely transition to your new home.


  • Yamato Home Convenience Co., Ltd. is helping make your life comfortable and convenient. In addition to our tried and trusted home delivery services, why not use Kuroneko Yamato's moving services for singles or the whole family or for transportation of large baggage? We will not let you down!.

Fukuoka Soko

  • Fukuoka Soko Group services customers from Hokkaido to Okinawa, the entire length of Japan. Whether you need to move from a tiny apartment across town or to a new home on the other side of Japan, we can help. In 2016, Fukuoka Soko conducted nearly 3,000 local, domestic moves. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our speed and value proposition.

Nippon Express


  • Nippon Express is a moving company that provides options. Whether you only have a small number of belongings to move across Tokyo or need a whole house packed up, transported, and then unpacked again, they offer services that will meet your needs.

Mission Movers

Mission -movers -logo (1)

  • Mission Movers is a domestic moving company. They provide packing and moving services as well as electrical work and cleaning related to the move. One unique additional service they provide is that they will recycle any of your unwanted belongings as part of the moving service. So, if you have furniture or things that you no longer need that can be reused, they will buy them from you and sell them in their recycle (second-hand goods) shops.


  • Quoz primarily moves people in and around Tokyo but they are a very flexible moving company and will be happy to assist you with any domestic move. They provide packing, transport, and disposal services and are committed to getting things done in Tokyo. A unique feature of Quoz is that their business activities fund a school for underprivileged children in Goa, India. So, when you engage their services, you are helping to feed and educate children who might have no other opportunity for such.

International moving companies that offer relocation services to and from Japan

If you are moving internationally to Tokyo or out of Tokyo, below are list of some options we recommend.

Yamato Logistics

  • Begin with 20 branches in America & 13 branches in China, Yamato Logistics worldwide network has been covering for more than 100 countries through our local branches and affiliated partners. From meticulous handling service in English until packing service, your precious belongings will be under our careful care. Experience The Japanese Style "YAMATO" Service

Fukuoka Soko 

  • Fukuoka soko is international moving company.Our long and wide experience make your move easier and happier than ever.   If you're coming to Japan, choose Fukuoka Soko to handle your customs clearance, delivery and unpacking.



  • Asian Tigers Mobility provides professional packing and relocation services for both residential and office locations in and out of Japan. And because they are a member organization of the Overseas Moving Network International as well as other relocation service industry bodies, they have many global partnerships that allow them to select the highest quality movers to assist with your relocation. In addition to English and Japanese, they also provide services in French, German, Italian, and Dutch.

Crown Relocations


  • Crown Relocations provides transportation, destination and immigration services, as well as employee and family support, to assist people relocating internationally or domestically.
    With people working in almost 60 countries, Crown is an enthusiastic champion of the benefits of relocation. We provide support, guidance, care and the personal attention needed to ensure success.
    Crown Relocations – Go knowing.

Pacific Link International

  • Pacific Link International is a worldwide moving company with a focus on relocating individuals to and from Japan. The company aims to provide relocation with "tenderness and sincerity," to ease the transition to a new home. They can help you relocate your belongings by a variety of means, including sea and air freight, and can also provide temporary storage in transit, domestic moves within Japan, and international relocation of cars and pets as well.

    For service in English:
    For service in German:

Nission Corporation

  • Nissin Corporation is a multimodal transport company that provides moving and relocation services to and from 23 countries within their integrated transportation network. In addition to their international relocation services, they can also move your cherished personal belongings anywhere within Japan.


  • Nippon Express is a moving company that provides options. The Total Relocation Service that covers the entire relocation process from moving, to home hunting and departure services for expats returning home after a stay in Japan, there's something for whatever kind of move you are making.

AGS Movers

  • Being part a large removals company, allows our removals branch in Japan to not only benefit from the AGS Group’s large network of 140 locations in 94 countries, but also its experience and processes. These include very high quality standards of service and the most prestigious accreditations.

Japan customs regulations: Declaring items from an international move

If you are moving to Japan and having your things shipped separately, you will need to fill out a "Declaration of Accompanied Personal Effects and Unaccompanied Articles" form that will be available on your aircraft or at customs at your arrival airport. If you have unaccompanied items, you will need to fill out two copies of this form and submit both copies to the customs officer upon your arrival in Japan. One copy will be returned to you, which you will need to keep and give to the mover to assist with your items clearing customs. Many of the international moving companies above can provide you with guidance on how to complete this process with minimal hassle.

Other Options

If the options we've provided above don't quite fit your needs, below are two additional resources you can use to find a mover.

· Search for international movers:

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