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Emergency Evacuation Backpack Japanese of this page

Post: Saturday September 1, 2012

Be prepared for emergency evacuation


It is advisable to have an evacuation bag prepared in case of emergency evacuation due to an earthquake, fire, tsunami, lifeline cutoff, etc.  What are needed for you or your family to survive while waiting for rescues or food supplies to arrive if your home became no longer livable?  It is recommended to have an emergency evacuation bag ready near the entrance of your home so that you can grab it right away when needed.


Emergency Backpack Edited 1 Emergency Evacuation Backpack



A backpack is convenient so that both hands can be free at the time of evacuation.


Emergency Evacuation Backpack Emergency Evacuation Backpack  Emergency Evacuation Backpack

First things you need in case of emergency are water, source of information and a flashlight in case if you needed to move around during nighttime.  A manually generated LED flashlight with radio is recommended.  Some of these manually generated radios are even capable of charging mobile phones.


Emergency Evacuation Backpack  Emergency Evacuation Backpack Emergency Evacuation Backpack


Band-Aids, disinfectant and medicines in case of injuries.
Masks to prevent from inhaling smoke and dust or infectious diseases.


Emergency Evacuation Backpack  Emergency Evacuation Backpack  Emergency Evacuation Backpack


Thin and light aluminum thermal blankets to stay warm.
A portable toilet kit that you can use without water.
Rain jackets are useful not only to stay out of rain but also for cold protection or when doing some physical labor.


Emergency Evacuation Backpack  Emergency Evacuation Backpack  Emergency Evacuation Backpack  Emergency Evacuation Backpack


With regard to food supplies, instant rice soup, canned biscuits and other favorite foods need to be packed.
Energy bars such as “Calory Mate” are also recommended.
Please make habit of checking expiry dates on such food supplies regularly.


Emergency Evacuation Backpack Emergency Evacuation Backpack Emergency Evacuation Backpack Emergency Evacuation Backpack

Spare socks, under wears and towels.
Cotton work gloves are essential to prevent any injuries or burns during a disaster when there are lots of dangers around such as broken glass pieces, etc.
Disposable hot packs are useful not only for cold protection but also to warm up cold foods.
A lighter is essential to light or to cook in case of lifeline cutoff.


Emergency Evacuation Backpack Emergency Backpack

Waterless shampoo (Mizunoiranai Shampoo) can ease the discomfort of being unable to wash hair when the evacuation lasts long time.
Wet wipes are useful to clean the body and to treat injuries because some of them contain disinfectant.
In addition, diapers (for infant/senior care) and sanitary goods are also essential at the time of emergency evacuation.


Furthermore, it is recommended to have all valuables gathered so that you can pack in the emergency evacuation backpack easily.
It is crucial to get necessary information in the chaos of the disaster, as there are lots to worry about such as safety of family members and anxieties of aftershocks and tsunami.
Please make sure to pack a mobile phone charger along with a mobile phone itself.  It might be handy to find a charger that can be generated by batteries.  Telephone cards also can be handy.


The emergency evacuation backpack containing lots of necessary goods are sold on-line or at Tokyu Hands.
The price ranges anywhere from around 9,000 to 20,000 yen.
You can find manually generated/rechargeable radios, thermal blankets, portable toilets, etc. individually on on-line shops.
You can easily find cotton gloves, wet wipes, masks, etc., at 100 yen shops.




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