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Brand-new Condominium - SKYZ TOWER & GARDEN

Post: Tuesday March 11, 2014

SKYZTOWER & GARDEN -  “Tokyo Wonderful Project”


skyz_tower_garden_01~2 skyz_tower_garden_03~3


A large 110 hectare project to create a village in the Toyosu wharf district - promoted by the government and partnering with major corporations.

  • A new town for the future that has been developed in view of environment and natural disaster prevention.
  • To create a lush natural environment together with conveniences for daily living within 5 km from Tokyo.


The demand for SKYZ Tower & Garden was so high that popular units have been distributed by a very competitive draw (a 1 in 20 chance). 


SKYZ TOWER & GARDEN Property Details

Address 6, Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Station Yurakucho Line, Toyosu Station : 12 min.-walk
Yurikamome Line, Shin-toyosu Station : 5 min.-walk
Completion March, 2015
Gross Units 1110 Units
Structure RC
Scale 44 floors above, 2 floors below
Use Zoning Industrial Area
Facilities Elevator, Auto-lock Entrance, 24H Custodian Service, Security Camera, Pool, Guest room, Lounge, Gym, Seismic Isolation Structure, Damping Structure, Disaster Proofed



Skyz 2


The future-town development is in progress in a large-scale area of 110 ha. space in the Toyosu new town district. A pedestrian’s only deck surrounded by lush greenery leads you safely and comfortably from “Shin-Toyosu” Sta. to the apartment. Make the daily commute to the station an enjoyable walk to and from home surrounded by natural scenery.


“Tokyo Wonderful Project” plans to house 1660 condominium residential units, rental residences, commercial and business facilities, etc. In addition, an accredited “Kodomo En” (children’s nursery) is planned to open here in April 2015. An ideal and comfortable living environment that supports child rearing and family life will be established. In addition, the town will be organized without any above ground power lines and telephone poles to provide a more encompassing ambience as well as enhance safety and security.


The Toyosu 6-chome Park is about 140 meters away. This 1.6 ha. park is connected to the project; which as a result creates an enormous area full of natural greenery.


On the other side of the shore, Toyosu West Elementary School (name is tentative) is scheduled to open in April 2015. Next to the elementary school, Showa University Koto Toyosu Hospital will open in 2013, which is about 980 meters away. Furthermore, “Civic Center” (name is tentative), that is a Koto-ku public complex building that accommodates the administrative branch office, theaters, cultural center, library, etc. will open around 860 meters away in 2015. The complex is a part of “the Category 1 Urban Redevelopment Project in front of the station in Toyosu 2-chome”, which is to be completed in March 2017.


The Toyosu New Market’s central theme will be “food,” and this will create a bustling and energetic atmosphere to the area. Of course the convenience to be able to have the market as a place to shop for fresh foods is wonderful.


Also in addition, the popular shopping center, the “Urban Dock Lalaport Toyosu” is within walking distance. You can enjoy not only shopping, but also dining, watching movies and a children’s entertainment park “Kidzania”. It’s great to have such a complex close to the apartment so that you can go there as an extended walk.

skyz_tower_garden_04~2 skyz_tower_garden_09~2 skyz_tower_garden_10~2


【Seismic Isolation & Seismic Control Hybrid System】
The latest technology of seismic isolation & control hybrid system developed by Shimizu Corporation is applied to the building. The double protection of seismic isolation and control assert an unprecedented safety against earthquakes. It is a state of the art building that assures long-life, quality housing in Japan. It incorporates new technologies to countermeasure long-term damage done by earthquakes to ultra high-rise buildings.


【Power line-less town】
In order to accomplish an unblemished landscape and increase the safety for any disaster recovery efforts, all power lines are installed underground within the entire project. Cutting-edge eco friendly technologies are being installed in order to make the project induce a productive environment for living things to co-exist together. (Approximately 480 meters away)

The Toyosu New Market will become a highly attractive venue that will draw more domestic and international customers. In addition, if a casino is to be developed in the neighboring Daiba area, it is certain to escalate the asset value of undeveloped districts around the shin-Toyosu area including the SKYZ.

Images of Interior & Public Space
skyz_tower_garden_13~2 skyz_tower_garden_14~2 skyz_tower_garden_18~2
skyz_tower_garden_21~2 skyz_tower_garden_19~2 skyz_tower_garden_20~2
skyz_tower_garden_24~2 skyz_tower_garden_28~2 skyz_tower_garden_25~2



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