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Arisugawa Park (Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park) in Hiroo Japanese of this page

Post: Monday December 16, 2013

This is a beautiful park appreciated by many foreign expats as an oasis in central Tokyo.  During the Edo era, this area was part of a residence of a local samurai. In 1896, this area became designated as part of the Imperial Families land.
In 1934, it was turned into a public park and was made available for civilians.


Arisugawa Park


The park is close to Hiroo Sta. (4 min. walk away) and there are many luxurious residences and embassies dotted around it. The surrounding neighborhood is so quiet and natural that it makes you forget that you're in central Tokyo. A large pond, playground and a library are found within the park.


Arisugawa Park in Hiroo, Tokyo Arisugawa Park in Hiroo, Tokyo
Arisugawa Park in Hiroo, Tokyo Arisugawa Park
Plenty of cherry blossoms bloom beautifully in spring. Eleven different kinds of cherry blossom trees are planted in the park. You can enjoy the variety of different kinds of cherry blossom trees each with their own particular charm.


In fall, the leaves change colors gorgeously. The walk path lined with maple trees, gingko trees, etc. turning to reds and yellows become a perfect walking course. 

Arisugawa Park Arisugawa Park
Arisugawa Park Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park
Arisugawanomiya Memorial Park in Hiroo Arisugawanomiya Memorial Park in Hiroo


The areas within walking distance to, or next to Arisugawa Park in Minami-Azabu and Motoazabu, Minato-ku are prime residential locations in Tokyo. It is a huge advantage to be able to feel nature in central Tokyo, where elegant luxurious low-rise residences stand and a grocery store geared towards foreigners along with many international schools. The environment is developed to cater for the needs of foreign expat families, which adds more value to this area.

National Azabu Supermarket

Apartments next to Arisugawa Park

Rental Apartment Arisugawa Homes
Condominium Arisugawa Hills
Condominium Arisugawa Park Mansion
Rental Apartment Nanbuzaka Compound B
Rental Apartment Green Core Hiroo
Rental Apartment Park View Arisugawa
Rental Apartment Homat August
Rental Apartment Katsu Court Motoazabu


Apartments very close to Arisugawa Park

Rental Apartment Opus Arisugawa Terrace & Residence
Condominium Arisugawa Park House
Rental Apartment Park Habio Motoazabu
Rental Apartment Windsor House Motoazabu
Rental Apartment Jiro Motoazabu
Rental Apartment KARA BLANC
Rental Apartment Homat Sharon
Rental Apartment Homat Ambassador
Condominium Hiroo Homes
Condominium Motoazabu Park Mansion
Rental Apartment Hiroo Towers
Rental Apartment Homat Virginia
Condominium Sanctus Arisugawa Loire
Condominium Wellith Arisugawa




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