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Shinjuku Area GuideJapanese of this page

Shinjuku  Overview

The area around Shinjuku Station, JR Yamanote Line, the area around Tochomae Station, Shinjuku-Nishiguchi Station, and Nishi-Shinjuku gochome Station, Toei Oedo Line, the area around Hatsudai Station, Keio-Shin Line and Sangubashi Station, Odakyu Line,  and the area around Nishi-Shinjuku Station, Shinjuku-gyoenmae Station, and Shinjuku-sanchome Station, Marunouchi Line.

The area included: Shinjuku, Nishi-Shinjuku, Kita-Shinjuku, Hyakunincho, Kawadacho, and Arakicho in Shinjuku-ku, Honcho, Hatsudai, and Yoyogi in Shibuya-ku.

Shinjuku Station is a terminal station that connects central Tokyo to the suburbs and more remote cities. It is known as the busiest train station in the world. Many well-established department stores and dining spots concentrate around the station. Kabukicho is known as a busy entertainment and red-light district that never sleeps. The number of commuters that use Shinjuku-Sanchome Station, Higashi-Shinjuku Station, Nishi-Shinjuku Station, which is located within one station from JR Shinjuku Station, has greatly increased in the past several years. Major reasons are the start of the direct connection of Tokyu Toyoko Line and Fukutoshin Line, and active condominium construction in the area as more redevelopment advances and more people return to central Tokyo.

In the area of the east side of Shinjuku Station well-established department stores and restaurants are concentrated, and the wave of visitors never stop day and night. At Shinjuku-Sanchome Station where Marunouchi Line, Toei Shinjuku Line, and Fukutoshin Line intersects, these department stores and restaurants on the ground level are connected by underpasses. In the south east end of the commercial area there is Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden where many people can enjoy watching nature in different seasons.

In the area from Shinjuku-Sanchome Station to Shinjuku-gyoenmae Station construction of condominiums have increased the quiet housing environment.

The Shinjuku Station south side is a new redevelopment area, where commercial buildings with a department store such as Times Square and a complex building with office floors and a hotel such as the Southern Terrace are lined up along tiled sidewalks giving a cityscape with an airy open feeling.

On the west side of Shinjuku Station there is the skyscraper area with hotels and office buildings including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Shinjuku Central Park in Nishi-Shinjuku serves as a relaxing spot for busy business people. The residential properties around Nishi-Shinjuku are primarily high-rise apartments such as La Tour Shinjuku and Nishi-Shinjuku Park Side Tower providing hotel-like services and an incredible night view of Shinjuku.

Hatsudai is a little away to the west of Shinjuku Station. Tokyo Opera City is located in the middle of the Hatsudai area. A quiet residential area lies towards Yoyogi from there.

  • Pt Shinjyuku01

    Buildings in Nishi-Shinjuku

  • Pt Shinjyuku02

    Buildings in Nishi-Shinjuku

  • Pt Shinjyuku03

    Shinjuku Kabukicho



Wards(Ku) Shinjuku is located

  • Shibuya-ku

    Multiple train lines intersect around Shibuya Station. The fashionable and trendy shopping areas such as Daikanyama, Eibisu, Shibuya and Omotesando are developed around Shibuya Station. You can also find rich greenery in this area thanks to Yoyogi Park and Shinjuku Gyoen Garden. The luxurious residential areas such as Hiroo, Shoto and Yoyogi-Uehara are also found here.


    Pt Shibuya Shoto01

  • Shinjuku

    A number of trendy coffee shops and restaurants are found in the Shinjuku area. In addition, many embassies are situated and many foreign expats reside here. While it is a convenient area located next to the downtown districts including Roppongi, Ebisu and Omotesando and the business districts such as Roppongi Hills, the area is quiet and has peaceful atmosphere with rich greenery. It is traditionally known as an elegant, luxurious residential area.


    Pt L Shinjuku

Tokyo Living Info. for Expats

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Tokyo Living Guide for Expats

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First Real Tower Shinjuku

Rr Tower Apt M