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Shinagawa-ku, TokyoJapanese of this page

Chiyoda-ku Overview

This is a ward with many faces. Depending on where you go whether north, east, west or south there are areas with rich history and traditional Japanese architecture, then also areas that are very modern with numerous high rises.

The eastern part of the ward faces Tokyo Bay and is developed as a modern waterfront area. High rise office buildings, high rise condominiums, and commercial facilities are lined up from the area around the Konan exit of Shinagawa station to the expansive area of Tennozu Isle.

The northern part of the ward encompasses the areas around the JR Meguro, Gotanda and Osaki stations. The area right around Meguro station has large scale commercial redevelopments on-going, surrounded by the old high class residential areas of Hanabusayama and Chojamaru. The area around Gotanda station is a commercial and business area, and then the old high class residential areas of Ikedayama and Shimazuyama surround it. In the area around Osaki station there is a newly redeveloped commercial area named Gate City and ThinkPark and they have attracted major companies, and an old high class residential area, Gotenyama is located on the top of a hilly landscape. On the hill top area in the northern part there are many embassies.

The southern and western part of the ward is a mature and quiet residential area suitable for families. This area is a little away from central Tokyo, but a full range of facilities such as schools, supermarkets, hospitals, and parks make everyday life convenient for residences.

Img Map ShinagawaPt Shinagawa

Stations in Shinagawa-ku

Major Facilities in Shinagawa-ku

Residential Districts in Shinagawa-ku

  • Meguro

    This area lies around JR Meguro Station. The major destinations within Tokyo can be reached easily from here by taking the JR Yamanote Line or the Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line. Furthermore, the Tokyu Meguro Line provides an easy access to Yokohama area as well.
    This area offers a good living environment for both single persons and families. Around Meguro Station, there are luxurious residential areas such as Hanabusayama and Chojamaru. Meguro River is very ...

    Meguro Area Guide


  • Shinagawa

    Many areas within Tokyo are easily accessible from Shinagawa Station by taking JR train lines or the Toei Asakusa Line. In addition, Haneda Airport and Yokohama areas are also accessible by taking the Keihin Kyuko Line. Since Shinkansen (a bullet train) stops at JR Shinagawa Station, it is very convenient to go to the western part of Japan such as Osaka. The area towards the ocean from JR Shinagawa Station has been newly developed. Following the devel ...

    Shinagawa Area Guide

    Pt L Shinagawa01

  • Suburb of Tokyo

    The areas such as Setagaya-ku, Ota-ku, Shinagawa-ku and Meguro-ku are considered as suburb of Tokyo. They are residential areas geared towards families away from central Tokyo and commercial districts. These areas have well-established living facilities including schools, grocery stores, hospitals, parks, etc. They offer a very comfortable living environment.
    Mainly, low-rise apartments and detached houses are found in these areas. As far as luxurious ...

    Suburb of Tokyo Area Guide

    Pt Suburbs of tokyo

Commercial Districts in Shinagawa-ku

  • Shinagawa / Gotanda / MeguroShinagawa Station functions as a gate to Yokohama and Western Japan. It offers excellent access to many areas. Inter City, Tennnozu, etc. grew to the east of the station as a part of the new development. Around Osaki Station, new commercial developments such as Gate City, Think Park, etc. accommodate large companies. Many medium-size buildings can be found in Meguro and Gotanda areas that are busy both day and night.

    Commercial area guide of Shinagawa / Gotanda / Meguro

    Pt Shinagawa

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Rental Apartment - Meguro

Located close to Meguto Station (Commuting by 3 train lines available). Spacious Living...
Plan: 2 BR + 2.5 Bath
Rent: JPY650,000

Horie Terrace

Rental Apartment - Gotanda

Quiet residential district neighboring to "Seisen Universtiy." Large deck terrace, fire...
Plan: 3 BR + 2.5 Bath - 4 BR + 2 Bath
Rent: JPY900,000 - JPY1,100,000

Marix Shimazuyama

Rental Apartment - Meguro

A high-rise twin tower condominium apartment rising as a landmark in front of Meguro St...
Plan: 1 Studio - 1 BR + 1 Bath
Rent: JPY249,000 - JPY330,000

Brillia Towers Meguro

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