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Omotesando, Harajuku Area GuideJapanese of this page

Omotesando Overview

The area around Omotesando Station, Chiyoda Line / Hanzomon Line / Ginza Line, and the area around Harajuku Station, JR Yamanote Line.

The address included: Jingumae, Shibuya, Higashi, and Sendagaya in Shibuya-ku, Minami-Aoyama and Kita-Aoyama in Minato-ku.

This area is developed around Omotesando Station on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line and Ginza Line as well as Harajuku Station on the JR Yamanote Line.

Omotesando is referred to as the ’Champs-Elysees' in Tokyo. The stylish and trendy street has fashionable boutiques and popular restaurants standing side by side. Once away from the street, there lies the luxurious residential areas of Jingu-mae and Minami-Aoyama. There are mostly single-family houses and low-rise apartments in the quiet residential environment and on the gentle hilly landscapes in the area, which is popular among foreigners.

Being next to the Aoyama and Omotesando areas that house many of the most popular international fashion brands, Harajuku is known as a cutting edge fashion town sending out unique and novel styles to the world. Along the narrow alleys away from Omotesando Street, you can find boutiques introducing novel fashion styles created by young artists. On the other hand, Takeshita-Dori Street is filled with fashion shops geared towards teens, which attracts lots of youth every day. The area is located next to the Meiji Jingu Shrine and Yoyogi Park. Lots of people enjoying sports and exercising are seen around here in the weekends.




Wards(Ku) Omotesando / Harajuku is located

  • Minato-ku

    It is a center of business activities where many headquarters gather. Many foreign corporations and embassies are found in this area. In addition, there are many foreign residents; which makes this area quite international. The commercial and entertainment districts such as Roppongi, Azabu-Juban and Odaiba are also popular.


    Pt L Minato

  • Shibuya-ku

    Multiple train lines intersect around Shibuya Station. The fashionable and trendy shopping areas such as Daikanyama, Eibisu, Shibuya and Omotesando are developed around Shibuya Station. You can also find rich greenery in this area thanks to Yoyogi Park and Shinjuku Gyoen Garden. The luxurious residential areas such as Hiroo, Shoto and Yoyogi-Uehara are also found here.


    Pt L Shibuyaku

Tokyo Living Info. for Expats

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Oji Green Hill Apartments

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