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Meguro Area GuideJapanese of this page

Meguro Overview

The area around Meguro Station, JR Yamanote Line / Nanboku Line / Toei Mita Line / Tokyu Meguro Line.

The address included: Kami-Osaki and Nish-Gotanda in Shinagawa-ku, Mita, Megura, and Shimo-Meguro in Meguro-ku, Shirokanedai in Minato-ku.

It is a town which has easy access to both central Tokyo and Yokohama areas.

The center of this area is the JR Meguro Station. Major destinations within Tokyo can be reached easily from here by taking the JR Yamanote Line or the Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line. Furthermore, the Tokyu Meguro Line provides easy access to areas in Yokohama as well.

Supermarkets and restaurants are concentrated in and around the station building, which offers a good living environment for both single persons and families.

In the hilly area in the east side of Meguro Station, there are luxurious residential areas called Hanabusayama and Chojamaru, which are two of the The Jonan Gozan. These are traditional upper-class residential areas with many low-rise luxurious apartments and detached houses.

Meguro River is very famous for beautiful cherry blossoms. The cherry‐tree‐lined road along the river has a sense of openness and is popular for jogging and walking. Tower apartments and condominiums can be found along Meguro River.


There are bus stops for the German School and other international schools along Meguro-Dori Street, which makes the area convenient for foreign families.


Large-scale redevelopment works are going on in the station square area in the east side of Meguro Station; and two high-rise buildings for office and residence will be constructed in the north and south spots in the area. There are plans to have an arrangement of greenery in the whole area, a newly developed station square and commercial facilities aimed for a completion of the new Meguro town in December 2017.

  • Pt Meguro01

    Meguro Station

  • Pt Meguro02

    Meguro River

  • Pt Meguro03

    Meguro Gonnosukezaka

Wards(Ku) Meguro is located

  • Shinagawa-ku

    The eastern part of Shinagawa-ku faces Tokyo Bay and is developed as a modern waterfront area. Besides office areas, residential neighborhoods, commercial areas, historical temples and shrines are dotted in the area. This area also has charm of local feel.


    Pt L Shinagawa

  • Meguro-ku

    Living environments are well organized in this area. It is developed as a residential area near central Tokyo. There are also fashionable shopping towns such as Jiyugaoka and Nakameguro. Many educational institutes including universities gather around here.


    Pt L Meguro

Tokyo Living Info. for Expats

Information covering expat friendly bilingual facilities, international schools and useful living information, etc.

Tokyo Living Guide for Expats

Rental Apartment - Meguro

Located close to Meguto Station (Commuting by 3 train lines available). Spacious Living...
Plan: 2 BR + 2.5 Bath
Rent: JPY650,000

Horie Terrace

Rental Apartment - Meguro

5 minutes to Meguro Station where 4 trainlines cross. Nearby 'Meguro' Exit of Tokyo Met...
Plan: 1 BR + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1 Bath
Rent: JPY240,000 - JPY650,000

Park Cube Meguro Tower

Rental Apartment - Meguro

High-grade residential tower along Meguro River. Hotel-like services and fasciitis. 7 m...
Plan: 1 BR + 1 Bath - 3 BR + 1 Bath
Rent: JPY244,000 - JPY585,000

MFPR Meguro Tower

Rr Rental Eqrp M
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