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Ebisu Area GuideJapanese of this page

Ebisu Overview

The area around Ebisu Station, JR Yamanote Line / Hibiya Line

The address included: Ebisu, Ebisu-Nishi, Ebisu-Minami, Hiroo, and Higashi in Shibuya-ku, Mita in Meguro-ku.

Thanks to the JR Yamanote Line, many areas are easily accessible from Ebisu. Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line also offers good access to many areas within Tokyo including Roppongi. The housing environment is good in the area which is adjacent to Daikanyama, Shibuya, and Hiroo and is close to all the conveniences for life around the station. The area is popular as a residential place having the atmosphere of both a refined high class area and a traditional friendly neighborhood.

Around the station, many restaurants and coffee shops, and even vintage shops can be seen. The area around the station is also known to have many famous ramen noodle restaurants. Ebisu station is a hub station for commute from central Tokyo to Yokohama areas, where JR lines and a Metro line intersects, and the Metro line connects to Tokyu Toyoko Line; and the station attracts many visitors all day long as a doorway to the adjacent commercial areas.

Ebisu is also famous for the head office location of Sapporo Breweries Limited. The Ebisu Garden Place, where the old factory site of the company was redeveloped, includes a department store, many shops and restaurants, a museum, a concert hall, a hotel, an office building, and a high-rise apartment. The Ebisu Prime Square near the station is another multi complex with a stylish atmosphere.

There is a high class residential area called Chojyamaru in the south east of the Ebisu Garden Place. It is a quiet area where high grade low-rise condominiums and single-family houses stand side by side.


  • Pt L Ebisu01

    Ebisu Station

  • Pt Ebisu02

    Ebisu Garden Place

  • Pt Ebisu03

    Ebisu restaurant area



Wards(Ku) Ebisu is located

  • Shibuya-ku

    Multiple train lines intersect around Shibuya Station. The fashionable and trendy shopping areas such as Daikanyama, Eibisu, Shibuya and Omotesando are developed around Shibuya Station. You can also find rich greenery in this area thanks to Yoyogi Park and Shinjuku Gyoen Garden. The luxurious residential areas such as Hiroo, Shoto and Yoyogi-Uehara are also found here.


    Pt Shibuya Shoto01

  • Meguro-ku

    Living environments are well organized in this area. It is developed as a residential area near central Tokyo. There are also fashionable shopping towns such as Jiyugaoka and Nakameguro. Many educational institutes including universities gather around here.


    Pt L Meguro

Tokyo Living Info. for Expats

Information covering expat friendly bilingual facilities, international schools and useful living information, etc.

Tokyo Living Guide for Expats

Rental Apartment - Ebisu, Hiroo

Residential tower of 'Ebisu Prime Square'. High-grade residential complex with ample fa...
Plan: 1 Studio - 4 BR + 2.5 Bath
Rent: JPY195,000 - JPY1,100,000

Prime Square City

Rental Apartment - Hiroo, Ebisu, Shirokane

It is a stylish rental apartment located in the middle of the Hiroo, Ebisu and Shirokan...
Plan: 2 BR + 1 Bath
Rent: JPY295,000

RISING SUN Ebisu 2-chome BRANZ

Rental Apartment - Ebisu

Professional property managing service provides front reception with regular staffs tak...
Plan: 1 BR + 1 Bath - 2 BR + 1 Bath
Rent: JPY207,000 - JPY610,000

Ebisu Garden Terrace Niban-kan

Rr Tower Apt M
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