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Chiyoda-ku, TokyoJapanese of this page

Chiyoda-ku Overview

The core functions of Japan such as the Imperial Palace, National Diet Building, Prime Minister’s office and residence, and the Supreme Court are located in the ward. Many government offices and head offices of major corporations are also concentrated here. It has a unique character that the population differs significantly between daytime and nighttime in these areas.

The central Tokyo station area is surrounded by Marunouchi, Otemachi and Hibiya, and is considered the center of business in Japan. Redevelopment of many office buildings are currently in progress and will improve the convenience of the area.

The areas adjacent to the Imperial Palace and the Diet building, Kioicho and Nagatacho are expansive areas with abundant greenery, and there are many middle-sized buildings mostly for Diet member’s offices and law offices.

The areas of Bancho, Kojimachi, Kudan, and Ichigaya used to be populated with many affluent samurai residences in the Edo Era. This history can still be seen in these areas and there are many high class residences and embassies.

The other major areas are the famous electronic district of Akihabara which attracts domestic and overseas tourists, the business district of Kanda, and the Nihonbashi area which is an important historical landmark in Tokyo.

Img Map ChiyodaPt Chiyoda

Stations in Chiyoda-ku

Major Facilities in Chiyoda-ku

Residential Districts in Chiyoda-ku

  • Ichigaya / Iidabashi / Mejiro

    The Ichigaya, Iidabashi, Yotsuya and Bancho areas spread to the west of the Imperial Palace, in the middle of the Yamanote Line circular route.
    The European embassies including the British embassy and the Belgium embassy are dotted within this area. It has an elegant town set. Being close to the Imperial moat, it is an open area where you can feel water and greenery closely. The Bancho, Koujimachi, Kudan and Ichigaya areas used to be the areas accommo ...

    Ichigaya / Iidabashi / Mejiro Area Guide

    Pt Ichigaya-Iidabashi-Yotsuya-Bancho1B

Commercial Districts in Chiyoda-ku

  • Kioicho / Kojimachi / Yotsuya / NagatachoThese areas are located next to Imperial Palace and National Diet Building where public offices gather. At the same time, the premium location of Marunouchi also lies next. While many of constrictions are medium size in these areas, high-rise buildings such as Prudential Tower in Nagatacho and Garden Tower in Kioicho are also appearing. The roads are wide and surrounded with rich greenery around the Palace. It is a very open area. Towards Nagatacho and ...

    Commercial area guide of Kioicho / Kojimachi / Yotsuya / Nagatacho

    Kioicho, Kojimachi, Yotsuya

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Rental Apartment - Hanzomon, Sanbancho

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