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Tokyo Area Guide for Expats

Tokyo Area Information

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, where the core functions of politics and public administration are centered. The Diet building, the Prime Minister's office, the Supreme Court, each ministry and government office are located here.

The head office functions of the major companies are concentrated in Tokyo and it is the industrial center in every field. Culture, fashion, and trends are disseminated from Tokyo, and it is always crowded with a lot of tourists from both inside and outside the country.

International City Tokyo

Foreign embassies and many foreign companies are based in central Tokyo, hence many foreigners live there.

In recent years government initiated programs such as the plan to “reinforce Tokyo as an international business center” and the foundation of “special districts for inviting foreign companies” are ongoing, and at the same time improvement of the infrastructure of transportation networks is underway for the Olympics that will be held in 2020. Furthermore, the government is planning to change guide displays and signs to multi-language and also increase the facilities and services that are multilingual so that foreigners can live more comfortably and conveniently.

  • Residential Area
  • Commercial Area

Major Expat Residential Area

Most expatriates of foreign companies and foreign diplomats residing in Japan live in central Tokyo particularly in the areas around Minato-ku and Shibuya-ku.

In areas where foreign embassies have been located for many decades, many of the shops, restaurants and other businesses and facilities are English speaking and there are many international schools. A safe and convenient environment for foreigners to live can be found there.

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Basic Information About Tokyo


13,390,116 people (as of December, 2014), which is equivalent to 10% of the total population of Japan, live in Tokyo.
It is the highest population density in Japan, and it also ranks high among most other major world cities.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is located in Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku. The current governor of Tokyo is Yoichi Masuzoe.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has 18,207 people for general administrative staffs, and is a huge organization that is about 165,000 people in total, when administrative committee members, government enterprise staffs, firefighting local public workers, police officers, and school staff are included.

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