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Living in Tokyo: A Guide for ExpatsJapanese of this page

Living in Tokyo: Guide for Expats

As an expat living in Tokyo, you may find yourself lost in translation while navigating through your everyday life. Luckily, there are many resources and services available in English, whether they are major considerations like medical care, child education, and legal advice, or daily living assistance like finding English-speaking salons, community clubs, and babysitters.

To help you on your journey from Tokyo foreigner to Tokyo local, we have designed this Tokyo Guide for Expats to provide the information you need to maintain a safe living environment and enjoy the many opportunities this great city has to offer.

Essential Information & Services in Tokyo

This section highlights essential information and services in Tokyo needed both before and during your stay.

Especially of interest to first-time residents is the Government and Immigration section, which provides visa, income tax and embassy information. Also available is the English Services in Tokyo section that can help you find a wide range of vital English-speaking services to help you until you are able to pick up the Japanese language. The Medical Care section focuses more specifically on English-speaking doctors for health issues and maternity care. Finally, our Emergencies & Disasters section provides necessary information about earthquake evacuation, typhoon safety tips & other procedures that occasionally affect the Tokyo region.

  • Emergency & Disasters
    • Emergency telephone numbers
    • Evacuation sites, areas & shelters
    • Earthquake & typhoon safety guide
    • More…
  • Government & Immigration
    • Visa information
    • Foreign embassies
    • Age requirements
    • More…
  • Medical Care
    • Doctors, dentists & hospitals
    • Pharmacies
    • Maternity services
    • More…
  • English Services
    • Opening a bank account
    • Childcare
    • Vets & animal hospitals
    • More…

Daily Living in Tokyo

In this section, learn about international supermarkets, paying bills, recycling, garbage collection, dry cleaning and even expat clothing sizes-everything that makes daily living in Tokyo easier.

The Education & Schools section not only introduces you to the best international schools in Tokyo and Yokohama, but also highlights English study courses available in Tokyo—not to mention information about Japanese language schools as well. Those who prefer sports should check out the Fitness and Sports section, which has a comprehensive list of Tokyo gyms along with unique Japanese fitness opportunities. The Religious Information section lists churches and mosques in Tokyo, religious dietary options, and covers Japanese temple etiquette as well as funerals. Finally, the Transportation & Driving section covers everything you need to know about getting around town.

Tokyo Culture & Entertainment

Explore the best that Tokyo culture and entertainment has to offer for the discerning long-term expat.

In the Festivals & Seasonal Events section, you can find listings for fun and important Japanese events happening in Tokyo for every time of year. The Recipes & Catering section shows you not only where to find international supermarkets and catering, but also how to launch into the local Tokyo culinary scene with information on cooking Japanese food and recommended Japanese recipes. To get off on the right foot in the Japanese business world, please check out the Japanese Culture section, which highlights Japanese business etiquette as well as temple & shrine manners, both integral to Japanese life-there is also a guide to traditional Japanese hobbies and even a martial arts section. Finally, look no further than the Travel, Recreation & Parks section to discover major hotels, recreation centers, shopping areas and museums around Tokyo, including ideal places to take your children.

Find Your Tokyo Luxury Residence with PLAZA HOMES

PLAZA HOMES specializes in luxury apartments, homes and commercial leases located in Tokyo’s many prime locations. Our wide selection of properties and highly knowledgeable, bilingual concierge consultants cater to local and overseas expatriates alike.

Our services don’t merely begin and end at the rental stage. We also assist with expatriate relocation services, helping families new to Tokyo relocate safely and become oriented to residential, educational, spiritual and entertainment opportunities in Hiroo, Azabujuban, Roppongi, and other upscale Tokyo areas as well as high-class expatriate hubs like Yokohama. We also conduct commercial rentals to help you find the office space that best fits your international business needs. Whether it is a residence or office, we do our utmost to keep each property in excellent condition with thorough maintenance checks and property renovation according to our “only one” policy—special consideration of property type and client specifications.

Finally, we also buy and sell properties for those looking to make quality investments throughout the Tokyo area. With everything we provide to expats, PLAZA HOMES can help ensure that you are rewarded with a comfortable and productive life while living in Tokyo.

For more information on the Tokyo areas we provide services in, please visit our Residential & Commercial Area Guide.

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